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How long does it take for my rating to come?

If all is well, and you honestly rated other user pictures, it should take about 48 hours for women, and one week for men.

Why use DATEnhance

Because it's a great way to understand how you can look your best!

How do you approach security

We're pledging to cover your personal data because we know how safe you are with DATEnhance. We use 256-bit encryption and our security practices are equal to those of your bank, for example. Our pledge tells you that we at large match your bank on security.

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In our process of revolutionising the online dating market, we've created a fairly straight-forward system, where you upload a couple of pictures, and go on to rate others. Once you've filled your quota, we aggregate the statistics, and send you a report.

It's that simple. Welcome to dating in 2018!


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