Saturday, 03 November 2018

The latest on dick-pics

Yup. You read that right. She takes photos of dicks for a living.

For example, here's a festive Christmas-themed dick.

original-20854-1452621578-13.jpgSoraya Doolbaz / Via

And here's a penis dressed as Kanye West.

original-16545-1452621578-8.jpgSoraya Doolbaz / Via

"Women want to laugh, so I think having a costume or character added to the dick pic takes the vulgarity away, while still getting the point across," she said.

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

Doolbaz purchases dolls and action figures from stores and then uses the clothes to dress up the dicks.

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

"I was once in a bidding war online with a bunch of people for a limited edition Fidel Castro doll, a one-of-a-kind collector's item," she said. "I eventually won, took all the clothes off, and threw the doll away."

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

Her female friends bring their male partners in for the photo shoots as a fun way to "honor their dicks," she said.

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

In 2014, Doolbaz released her first collection of dick pics, and in September she followed it up with a series titled "Dick-tators of History and Friends."

Here's "Saddong Hussein 'Weapon of Ass Destruction.'"

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

"Cumrad Stalin."

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

"Kim Dong-un."

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

And "Benito Mussoweenie."

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

There's even a Donald Trump–themed dick pic.

Soraya Doolbaz / Via

"I don't know what the future holds for my penis photography career," Doolbaz conceded.

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